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High-end customers for cells- must read

High-end customers for cells, you must look at this!

If you are looking for smaller capacity lithium-ion battery cells such as 40ah or 50ah, and also you are the kind of high-end customers who focus more on quality than prices, you have to check the prismatic 40ah, 50ah LiFePO4 cells.

The cells are manufactured by a top 500 Fortune group company in China that has its own research center, therefore can offer excellent products that other competitors with similar products can't beat at all.


The factory only focuses on the domestic market while EVOKE ENERGY takes responsibility of exporting the products globally. With the help of our professional export team, we are able to offer the best quality battery with the best price and the best delivery to our potential customers.


This is why we are offering such good products at such reasonable prices!


Evoke can help customers to weld the terminals with quality assurance, EVOKE has successfully developed this service for customers who needs this so that customers have smaller quantity demand can enjoy this. meanwhile, EVOKE has been providing welded terminal services for years and can make sure the quality consistency of each welding.


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