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The advantages of the forklift battery we provide.

Some customers may ask about the advantages of the forklift battery we provide.
Well, this is a good question that lots of customers may ask, but you got to see the production line and manage control process with your own eyes. Because the answers always come with beautiful words and good explanations, you have to check it and judge by yourself.
1. High-quality cells being used.

Battery cells used for forklifts are the most important parts. We use the top brands of cells in China with excellent cycle life and great consistency with warranties. And it has been tested thousands of times over the years and has been proven great performance.
2. Strict and modernized quality control. we have specified by another post.

3. we have our own Research and development center that accounts for 30% of the staff member.

4. we have our own Product Testing and Development center that have been recognized by a third party.


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