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How to choose Forklift Battery Manufacturer for customized lithium battery from China?

How to choose Forklift Battery Manufacturer for customized lithium battery from China?

The search for a trusted manufacturer, irrespective of the product, is never an easy job!

It often starts with searching hundreds of manufacturers offering the same product with equally attractive terms. You want to make sure you are investing in a superior product and trusted supplier, in terms of its quality, performance and services. Sadly, they are able to tell only after they’ve finalized their purchase. 


Forklifts are heavy duty vehicles. They are very suitable to hand materials here and there. As an electric powered vehicle, a forklift needs a powerful battery to drive all its works


Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular today as they have all the advantages over lead acid. If you are to purchase a new battery pack, here’s how to select the right lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer


 Selection of Products 

Forklifts come in all shapes and sizes. They differ in their weight requirements, the dimension of the battery compartment, the length of the connector cable and the battery charging system. 


When you shop for a battery, it is important that you buy one that is compatible with your specific piece of forklift


It requires the factory having an extensive lines of  batteries, designing to different specifications which increases the chances of locating a battery that matches your specific requests



Availability of Custom-Lithium Ion Batteries 

Continuing the discussion on battery-forklift compatibility, a better option is to settle for a manufacturer offering customizable batteries. 


Unlike standard models, these are made-to-order for your equipment. Often, they are designed such that they can be adapted to different models of the same brand. This is a great feature if your facility upgrades its forklift fleet on a regular basis. 


Yet another benefit of working with brands that offer customizable battery models is that you can work side-by-side right from the application design stage. Evoke Industries in China is a front-runner in the field of lithium battery customization for varied applications. Access to the market of new energy forklift since 2016, Self-develop and design forklift lithium solutions for several well-known brand forklift with hundreds of models. after several generations of technology upgrades and years of comprehensive performance verification of actual field operation data, their lithium battery gained wide recognition and trust due to its good reputation on safety, stable, efficient, long cycle life.



Great Customer Support 

Batteries are like any other equipment. There could be issues need to be resolved. Therefore it should not be considered as a one-time purchase, but a long term investment. 


Evaluate the customer service experience from the moment you start to make inquiries. There are different forklift battery specifications to consider - battery technology, voltage and amperage, charger specifications etc. -  before you buy. 


A highly responsive and supportive sales is the basis of a good supplier. You can approach them for any questions you have. 


Not just that, a good supplier goes the extra mile to provide support in such as training programs, guidance, and troubleshooting videos that help buyers do-it-themselves. 


Finally, you have three options to purchase a lithium-ion forklift battery. You can source it directly from the manufacturer, or buy it from a local dealer or OEM service


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