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Wholesale And Custom Mitsubishi Forklift Lithium Ion Battery

Mitsubishi produces and sells forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, there are plenty of benefits found in purchasing a Mitsubishi Forklift.

  • High Specification & Performance

  • Maintenance Cost Saving

  • Fuel Cost Saving

  • 3 Years Extended Warranty

  • Value For Money

Every organization has different needs and different challenges, after years, if you found the Mitsubishi forklift battery not good as before, it is time to replace a new one, before you should consider continuing to use a traditional lead-acid battery or buy a new lithium battery, You may not be able to solve your suppliers’ low-cost or high-inventory problems, but you can address your money-saving tactics in a few logical steps.

Read on for five tips that you can start implementing immediately to save money on wholesale and custom forklift lithium-ion batteries from suppliers.

Why Lithium Ion Battery, But Not Buy A Lead-Acid Battery


Cost. The most obvious forklift battery cost savings come from lithium-ion battery technology. In contrast to lead-acid batteries, which are made with a mix of sulfuric acid, lithium ion batteries do not contain dangerous or corrosive chemicals. They do not require periodic maintenance and are far less likely to leak. The result is a reduced forklift battery cost.

They can help you address the many challenges of operating a business with forklift battery technology.
First, you can optimize forklift battery life by choosing a durable and reliable forklift battery with lower self-discharge. It’s important to consider the forklift batteries’ lifespan and the lifespan of the forklifts they power. If the forklifts’ lifespans are significantly shorter than the forklift batteries’ lifespans, you’ll need to replace your forklifts more frequently.

Calculate Real Cost Per Mile


There are a few practical ways to calculate the real cost per mile of forklift batteries. First, you’ll need to determine the forklift battery pack capacity in amp hours (AH). Then you can use a formula to determine the forklift battery capacity in miles (Miles per day x Miles per hour x 24 hours in a day x Battery capacity = Miles per year). To illustrate, assume a 10,000 lb forklift battery pack with a capacity of 10 AH and a battery rated at 100 DOD. 10,000 lb forklift capacity x 10 AH forklift battery capacity = 100 DOD 100 DOD x 24 hours in a day x Miles per year = Miles per year

Factor Depreciation Into The Price


Consider the full lifecycle cost of forklift batteries when budgeting and negotiating prices. A forklift battery’s lifecycle is often taken for granted. The lifecycle of a battery can be compared to a vehicle’s lifecycle. When a vehicle is new, it’s a vehicle with a few hundred miles on it. It’s a new vehicle, but it’s cheap, relatively low cost, and not gas-guzzling. Over the lifecycle of a vehicle, though, gas, maintenance, and depreciation factors in, it becomes much more expensive, but it will last much longer. The same is true of forklift batteries. They are cheap at the beginning of the lifecycle, but over the lifecycle, they become much more expensive, but they will last much longer.

Know The Full Lifecycle Cost Of Forklift Batteries


To ensure that you’re not overpaying on forklift batteries, you’ll need to understand their full lifecycle cost. Most forklift battery manufacturers provide a lifecycle cost calculator that will walk you through the process of figuring out the full lifecycle cost of forklift batteries. To understand the full lifecycle cost of forklift batteries, you’ll need to understand their total cost over the lifespan of use of the forklift batteries. You’ll need to account for the purchase price of the forklift batteries, their total capacity in miles, an average of 1% to 5% in annual depreciation, an average of 1% to 5% in the annual cost of maintenance, and an average annual rate of $50 to $150 per year in the cost of disposal. The final lifecycle cost will give you a ballpark figure for the value of forklift batteries over the entire lifespan of use.

Keep In Stock For Rapid Delivery


Finding a reliable forklift battery supplier that offers quick delivery can save your business time and money. It’s important to procure forklift batteries that have low enough current requirements to be compatible with your forklifts. It’s also essential to procure forklift batteries that have low enough voltage requirements to be compatible with your forklifts.

Final Tips


There are many forklift battery manufacturers out there and plenty of competition for your business. It can be overwhelming when deciding where to start. First, consider your needs and challenges. Make sure you’re choosing a forklift battery supplier that will address your needs and challenges. Next, make sure you’re choosing a forklift battery supplier that has a good track record. Finally, make sure you’re choosing a forklift battery supplier that has flexible financing options. It can be difficult to find a forklift battery supplier that has all these qualities. These five tips will help you save money on forklift batteries and maximize your investment in forklifts.


Why Buy Lithium Batteries For Forklift Trucks From Evoke.

All Evoke's rechargeable fork lift truck batteries are assembled from the A-Class high-grade lithium iron phosphate cells and intelligent BMS,  Opposit to the lead-acid battery and the traditional crude oil engine, the LiFePO4 battery owns the below advantages;

  • The lifespan is designed to be recharged more than 3,000 times, that is the service life is no less than 10 years if charged one time per day;

  • The recharging time is much shorter than a traditional lead-acid battery, only 2-3 hours to finish, so as to improve the efficiency of the forklift;

  • The LFP battery-operated forklift is eco-friendly, It won't fill your warehouse with exhaust smoke from the diesel engine;

And li-ion forklift trucks batteries are easy to maintain and repair; just find out the defective battery cell, then open the pack case and replace it with a new cell; this will help forklift owners save time and money.

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