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Reasons To Upgrade Your forklift Battery To LiFePO4 Battery

Reasons To Upgrade Your forklift Battery To LiFePO4 Battery

1. Maintenance-free.
Li-ion batteries are completely sealed for long-term maintenance-free operation, unlike lead-acid batteries, they do not corrode, sulfate, or emit dangerous gases. No need for cleaning, watering, cool down time, or a weekly equalization charge. With no loss of charge or other adverse effects from long-term storage, li-ion batteries are always ready to work when you are.

2. Longer lifetime.
"Energy-dense" li-ion batteries have a 3000-cycle expected lifespan, which is 3 times longer than lead-acid batteries. With no harmful "memory effect" from opportunity charging a lithium-ion battery. You can count on it to deliver constant power and reliable runtime over the long haul. Save over 80% on forklift battery costs with our li-ion battery tech.

3. Charge anytime anywhere.
Charging a lithium battery is easy as the battery never has to leave the truck. so charging may occur whenever and wherever convenient. No need to return the lift truck to a battery charging and charging room. Use that space for something more productive. There is also no need to fully discharge and recharge a lithium battery. Forklift operates can safely assume responsibility of their own motive power needs with on-demand opportunity charging throughout the workday.

4. Covered under warranty.
Easy to use, easy to maintain. this translate to fewer issues of neglected care and potential warranty disputes. However. should any issues arise, you can rest easy knowing that our battery carry a warranty for 3 years.


LiFePO4 battery is the most worthy battery type for forklift. Although the cost at the beginning is a bit high, this is even cheaper than lead-acid batteries given the battery life issue. The safety/performance of LiFePO4 batteries is also very suitable for forklift needs. So now you can see more and more forklift users starting to upgrade their batteries globally, are you still hesitating?




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