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10 reasons why you choose us:


1. Customized batteries

For the special work condition of industrial car, we customize the high discharge rate lifepo4 battery- high discharge rate, efficient energy storage, long cycle-life, high safety performance, wide adaptability, and can meet 90% capacity range.


2.  Remote maintenance

By the big data cloud collaborative management intelligent system, can achieve the function of remote real-time monitoring and manage battery safety, Timely maintenance for forklift battery, provide technical guarantee of system upgrade.


3. High and low temperature control

Intelligent thermal energy management circuit design can fully guarantee normal work even in high and low temperatures.

4. Intelligent management system Smart

BMS adopt advanced battery manage and control method and unique algorithm, which can achieve real time monitoring about the operative conditions of lithium battery, and also accurate estimate the rest capacity (SOC), battery health condition (SOH).

5. Intelligent voice broadcast

Self-R&D lithium battery monitor display, can show the real-time battery operation data, and realize voice broadcast for system and error alarm which can reminder the driver of the operation condition and then make right response.

6. Imported accessories

Imported connector and high-performance electrical element provide guarantee of long life-span for the forklift lithium battery.

7. Big data sharing

Extent service-Big Data sharing and Power supply data analysis report.

8.Long running time

By Nov 2022, the data centre shows that the longest operation time of our forklift lithium battery has reached 16956 hours! It fully proofs high-rate battery is very suitable for the special working condition of industry vehicle, and with super long life-span advantage.






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