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What LiFePO4 cells are highly recommended due to its high quality and reasonable prices?

We supply LifePO4 batteries and cells worldwide in large quantities for energy storage and EV/electric vehicles such as Europe, the USA, Taiwan, South East Asia etc.. 

our plant was founded in July 2010 by PhDs from China University of Mine and Technology, professionals from China Academy of Science, and entrepreneurs from China mine industry. It researches, manufactures and distributes durable lithium battery cells, modules, and systems for energy storage and high-power demanding BEVs and machines.

Our factory is located in Jiangsu Province, and mainly produces lithium cells for EV and mining, but at the same time, we have also established deep working relationships with some other large cell manufacturers. especially the high-rate cells 40AH and 50AH cells are our featured and most recommended products due to their high discharge rate, high energy density as well as very reasonable prices. 50Ah cells have also become one of our best-selling cells exported to different areas.

here underbelow are some of our mostly recommended lithium cell for you to take a look at.



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