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What is the best selling LiFePO4 cell for EV&ESS?

    Lithium iron phosphate 40AH and 50AH cells are the most important products for the manufacturer, meanwhile, there are planning on expanding production capability in quarter four of 2023.

    Currently, the annual output is around 1.6 million cells. by end of 2023 when new production lines are well prepared to run, we will expect an annual output of 5 million cells per year.

    we can fully ensure the high demand of customers and also sign the terms in the contract based on customer demand so you have no worries at all.

Our price might seem high if compare to regular quality cells. But it's really cost-effective if you really look into the quality. 

Our prismatic 50ah cell has the below features you might want to understand more.

  1. 50ah battery has two versions, the basic model and the high power model which can meet regular demand and premium demand.

  2. Various certifications are available. UL, IEC, UN, MSDS etc. we are able to cooperate to gain more special certificates.

  3. high energy density. small sized.

  4. over 3000times cycle life @80%DOD

  5. perfect discharge curve at different discharge.

you are welcome for samples testing of the quality.


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