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Why choose Evoke 40ah high-rate LiFePO4 cell?

What are the features of the 3.2V 40ah high-rate LiFePO4 cell? why do you choose it if you have demand for premium high rate lifepo4 cells?

there are two versions of the 40ah lifepo4 cell, one is the basic model with a continuous charge and discharge rate of 3C/5C, and the other is high power model with a continuous charge and discharge rate of 6C/6C, both cycle life is 3000time@80%DOD. Different customers can make a choice based on different demands. the best suitable battery is the best choice.

The manufacturer has adopted exclusive material modification technology so as to have achieved the current battery with excellent testing data as well as positive market feedback.

The battery is very same during high rate charge and discharge period. as you can see from the testing result, the temperature rise on surface is not high at all. the temperature rise is much lower than competitors.

Even under high power performance, the battery can still achieve a long cycle 3000 times@100%DOD 3C.

To make sure the benefit of our customers, all these performances will be written on the spec which the manufacturer will have them strictly achieved and guaranteed. Customers can be rest assured what we have promised and signed. 


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