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LiFePO4 battery Lead acid forklift battery.

Lithium forklift battery has many advantages over traditional lead acid forklift battery.

  1. lithium forklift batteries are actually more cost-effective in the long run.

  2. lithium forklift batteries are neither corrosive nor polluted. however lead acid batteries are on the contrary.

  3. lithium forklift batteries have remote data management that customers can check the battery operative data and real-time operation at anytime. and it can help to improve service experience and help customers remotely. it saves time and operates efficiently. but lead acid is not like this.

  4. lithium forklift battery supports fast charging within 2 hours which offers more time for working and more output can be achieved. however, lead acid battery have to be charged for 8-12hours which is very long and influence the productivity of the company.

  5. lithium forklift battery can be charged at any time, it is very flexible for working staff to charge or to use it. but, lead acid batteries have "the memory effect" and have to be fully charged every time which causes inconveniences to work staff.

  6. charging efficiency for lithium battery is 95%, but for lead acid batteries, it's 75%, which means lithium battery saves 20% power during charging.

  7. lithium battery has features of maintenance free, but for lead acid batteries, users have to maintain it regularly and add distilled water regularly.

  8. lithium battery can operate at temperatures of  -20℃ ~ 55℃, but for lead acid batteries, long time exposure to a low temperature below 0℃ can cause permanent damage to the battery.

Now you know what kind of battery you are going to choose for your forklift to save time and money?

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