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The Evoke Lithium battery is the tight solution for forklift

The Evoke Lithium battery is the tight solution for forklift

We all know there are several energy solutions available when selecting an electric forklift. In recent years, lithium-ion batteries have become an increasingly popular power solution. Lithium-ion batteries provide maximum power all the time, regardless of how much charge is left, unlike lead acid batteries, where less charge affects speed and lifting capacity. Evoke has assembled thousands of lithium-ion batteries that power forklifts for customers globally from European countries to Asia.


Lithium-ion batteries provide various efficiency benefits that can save costs and time and create a cleaner work environment. Exploring lithium-ion forklift battery options, such as fast charging, can reveal your next step in operational efficiency.

First, Cost Reductions – Lithium-Ion Batteries have a lifespan of 3-5 times longer than Lead-Acid Batteries. Free maintenance with no need to add liquid repeatedly, a special place to replace the battery, or space for storage. Increase efficiency when charging, so no charge is wasted.

Second, Efficient Operations - Lithium-Ion Battery can charge the battery instantly when the forklift unit is rested, so there is no need to buy spare batteries. Suitable to be operated for intense jobs and multi-shifts.

Third, Clean Work Environment - Lithium-Ion Battery does not generate harmful gases or opportunities for exposure to acidic liquids and is suitable for industries sensitive to emission content.


Of course, the Evoke Lithium-Ion Battery is a product that supports your forklift unit, such as Toyota, Mitsuibish, Linde, Hyster, Komatsu, Hyundai, Nichiyu, TCM etc. We customize batteries from 24V, 48V, 72V to 80V, and from 300ah to 800ah, as well as dimensions and other functions. This is why we can make the batteries 100% suitable for your demand. With the benefits from Battery, your Electric Forklift can support your needs and provide much better performance.

For more information about the Evoke Lithium-Ion Battery, you can directly contact the Evoke Center at 0086 18963643619.

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